A 501(c)3 Organization

Our Mission

To assist animals in need of medical care in order to improve the quality of life for companion animals and greatly reduce the number of abandoned and homeless animals impounded and euthanized in shelters.

About Us

Helping Hands Animal Assistance is a non-profit 501(c)3 that relies 100% on donations from the public to provide financial assistance to low-income, elderly, and disabled pet owners who need help with transportation and animal emergency care, as well as pet food supplies, for those suffering financial hardships. We promote responsible pet ownership and prevent neglect through assisting people obtain the needed veterinary care for their companion animals.

We work directly with caring, dedicated veterinarians and all funds are utilized to pay them directly.

Every member of the Helping Hands team is dedicated to maintaining the human-pet bond, giving them a special sensitivity to financial challenges some families face in caring for their pets. These professionals understand that our pets are important to us and deserve to be treated like cherished members of our family.

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How To Apply

Instructions for Applying for Assistance

Financial Assistance is provided ONLY for the following types of care:

  1. Urgent Care (diagnostic testing, broken leg, etc.)
  2. Emergency Care (life-threatening injuries or illnesses)

You, the pet owner, must meet eligibility criteria:

  1. Low-income household
  2. Elderly pet owner
  3. Disabled pet owner
  4. Veteran pet owner

Before You Start

You will need to have the following items available to help you complete the financial portion of the application. We advise that you gather this information together before you begin your application.

  1. Proof of Income — This can be a copy of a check stub, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, etc. The proof of income must be recent, and we cannot use tax forms for this purpose.
  2. A copy of a written cost estimate for the needed procedures and/or treatment from your veterinarian.
  3. The name, address, and medical license number for your treating veterinarian.

Please note — no contributions are EVER given directly to individuals. Helping Hands ONLY sends funding directly to the treating veterinarians once your application is approved and treatment is provided. Funding resources are limited, and Helping Hands makes every effort to use limited funds in the most responsible way.

** Helping Hands Animal Assistance does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, or race. Helping Hands reserves the right to deny funding to anyone for any reason. Please read the complete application agreement for details of the application process. **